The Unexplored Historical Wonders of Turkey

The legacy of Turkey’s reverence for its ancestors and veneration of the family is never more evident than in its mode of transportation. Since the departure of the Ottoman Empire, this has been epitomized by the country’s love affair with its mother tongue. Turkish children are taught to speak Urdu because it is the language of the homeland. Indeed, the entire nation is dedicated to preserving and promoting the language.

The perks of learning Turkish include the ability to converse easily with the locals, immerse in the culture, and appreciate the various and unique touches that have evolved from the centuries of Turkish tradition. Students of Turkish history will find the following attractions useful in their journey from school to home:

Turkish Baths (Mehani)A historic symbol of Turkish society has been the mehani, which is a public baths. In the past, they were social places where the common people took refuge from the might of the heat. The mehani of a bygone era still have the relaxing ambience of a Greek or Roman bath. Public baths were generally separated from family bathing chambers by a kind of partition wall, which was adorned with beautiful tile work.

Karakul OyayakiThis imposing nightclub features a giant statue of a woman who loyal to the Turkish flag took refuge inside during a storm. The current inhabitants of the club still celebrate new year’s eve with the same zest and fervor.

Mar 15: birthday of Mustafa Kemal AtaturkThe national benefactor and the leader of the modern Turkish state was born on Mar 15, 1881, in a small town in the province of Kocenos.

date of Ozki TopraklasonryThe monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a ceramic type that was developed by the famous Finnish architect Ozki Topraklason.

meteraglidingThe following adventure is attainable only by those who are fit and hearty. The celebrated kilometeragliding was practiced by the Turks in the past. They used metal cables attached to a pulley located about 10 meters above the ground. A person was anchored by means of a rope on one side and the other end was tied to a height. After reaching the required height, the person was released and fell through the cable into the hole in the wall.

Sailors and shipsA seagoing trip is very much accessible to tourists. Tourists should get in touch with a tour operator who will arrange for their Sailors’ trip to take them on a cruise of the coastline.

Photography and animalsNo photographs or animals were harmed or endangered during the construction of this historical monument. Allright. Not a whale anyway.

Opening hoursThe monument is open for public viewing hours.

Entry fee per vehicle before 16.00, after 16.30 you will have to pay 1 Euro for an adult, -2 Euros for a senior citizen and -1 Euro for a child (up to 6 years old).

Insider Tour

Dates 17. March – October: 10 am – 5.30 pm every day

otal hours 17.30 – 02.00 (once per day)

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