Szentendre – A Debt

Urchins, tongue of flamingo, stuffed skylark and numerous other species of wild animals make Szentendre a unique and renowned place.

Szentendre is located on the border of the romerind side and the Hungarian side. It is also known as Bridge City or City of Eternal Spring. Aegean or Arab merchants first settlements appeared here in the 8th century. From 13th century on, commercial activities, craft production and strong establishments for textile and handicrafts trade shaped the city’s economy. Fourteenth century was the beginning of the Renaissance period in Budapest.

Budapest, a city with many attractions, has two noteworthy facets: Museum of Fine Arts (MTA) and Palace of Arts.

The Museum of Fine Arts (MTA)

ots the nest of the arts and crafts of Hungary. It comprises the Budapest Modern Art Museum, the Museum of Art-Deco and the Museum of Ethnic Hungarian arts. The building itself is an urban landmark.

The Museum of Art-Deco (MAoD)

ön almost every Hungarian school of arts has its MAoD. The MAoD is located at the heart of the city and is solely for ethnic Hungarians. It accommodatesotorboat taxis, street cars and buses. Tourists are generally accommodated in special touring caravans lining up along the MAoD.

Palace of Arts

Your tour to Budapest should Include a visit to the Palace of Arts. Urban in spirit, the Palace of Arts is situated at the crest of the Andrassy Ut. The grand building of the palace is impressive in its setup and structure. strings of spires roses, shaded by large and grounds gardens. The Palace was originally founded byoga dynasty and was named as Eger Indy (Golden Land). The palace is preserved with beautiful gardens and orchards. There is a café and bookshop there too. Museums are available at the facility.

Budapest Winter Invasion

Budapest Winter Invasion 2008 is a huge musical and cultural celebration. Global artists and singers from all over the world come together to provide a magnificent display of music and dance. hundreds of thousands of people gather along the Danube to welcome the artists and their outstanding creations.

Budapest Summer Music Festival

Budapest Summer Music Festival is a big music event, generally held in June. The festival is visited by many world renowned musicians and bands.

Patron saint of Budapest

The main shrine of Hungary, also called as Hungary’s patron saint, is F Hungarian Roset. Roset is a female figure about whom little is known. She is said to have been a nun who spread the Christianity in the Hungarian territory during the reign of Magyar rulers.

Budapest Royal Palace

The Budapest Royal Palace is also known as the Alcazar. It is a large and magnificent building, which represents the pinnacle of the architecture of Budapest. The surface area of the palace is more than 100,000 square meters. The walls of the building are beautified with Crown and Statue of Liberty, which are made of granite.

The Castle

The Castle is one of the wings of the palace, which is located on the hill of Alkertz. It is a popular tourist destination. Tourists can explore the throne room, which is decorated with beautiful artworks and murals.

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