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We thank you for your excellent service in driving us (on very busy and difficult situations in London!) to Hamptom Court.  It was a long day for us all, but so enjoyable for us in every way.  Seeing Benjamin calmly keeping an eye on the Fijians as they entertained and also making time for us certainly made it QUALITY TIME.
                                                                                              Mr & Mrs K B, Malvern, July 2009

Last year I was asked to organise an international conference, to take place in Worcestershire. The guests were to include visitors from Canada, USA, China, Japan, lndia, Australia, Belgium and France. Some of the guests had never travelled to the UK before, so required a great deal of help regarding visas, distances between UK airports and hotels, etc. Also, some of them had very poor spoken English skills.

One of my major concerns was the necessity to organise cars and coaches to collect these guests from the various airports and train stations, in order to bring them to the conference venue. I finally found QualityTIME Travel. I was relieved that when Roger Wilson came to see me to discuss the needs of my company, he was completely imperturbable.

During the few weeks immediately before the conference, flights were cancelled and re-booked and arrival and departure times changed frequently. Other arrangements were added to the original list -some necessitating very early morning collection. The reaction of QualityTIME Travel to all of this was to remain calm and efficient, and they never failed to meet a guest. 

Without exception, my guests were highly complimentary about their driver and vehicle: one guest who arrived very early (some two hours before the next was due) was even taken to breakfast by the driver! The guest - an Australian - was amazed and very pleased.

lf you need a dependable driver in a quality car who is efficient, friendly and knowledgeable about the UK - call QualityTIME Travel. They will never let you down.

Rosemarie Evans - Communications & Office Manager, The Nickel Institute   -   January 2009


What a wonderful service you provide.  To take us and collect us from Birmingham Airport is such a relief to us!  Your reliability is such an assurance to us that we know our holiday starts from the time we step out of our front door and continues to the time we return home………..

Mr & Mrs A D, Malvern, September 2008

If ever you want a letter with a written appreciation to pass on saying how wonderful you are, I will happily do that!  Because you do offer a very special service  with your comfortable car, superb driving, the caring concern for your (friends) clients throughout the holiday, and your forebearance when we do silly things like mislaying passports and handbags – added to which we have your excellent company – what more can anyone ask for.  I would not have had such carefree and memorable holidays during these past years, had it not been for you…………..

Miss C R D, Malvern, June 2008

Thank you so much for taking care of me to and from home.  I am afraid you had a long wait on my return but you were so patient about it………..

Miss E K H, Malvern, May 2008

An Invitation to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
Rosemary and I would like to thank you so much for making a very special day even more special – you took all the hassle and strain out of it, and gave us a very comfortable and easy ride…………….

Dr D & Mrs R W, Upton-on Severn, July 2007

An Invitation to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
We wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for making the occasion so special.  The journey down and back to Malvern was so easy and totally relaxing……………………..

Mr & Mrs B D, Malvern, July 2006

……both Freda and I are most grateful to you all at QualityTIME Travel, and especially to you for your help when we so needed it………….  Thank you for your considerable help.

Mr A B, Malvern Wells, September 2005

Thank you again for enabling us to have that wonderful tour in Normandy, seeing such a variety of interesting places and stunning views.  How lucky we were to see everything in sunshine.  The two hotels were very good – how idyllic to sit in that beautiful setting at Lyons-la-Foret in the peace of the countryside.  It was a splendid choice on your part.  Many, many special memories.
Your guide tours and care of us at every turn, are well worth every penny (or should I say Euro).  I felt so well and relaxed all the time……………  Thank you so much for all your kindness and for giving us such a lovely holiday.

Miss C R D, Malvern, July 2005

An Invitation to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
Thank you so much for making the day a very special one for my mother.  She was thrilled to bits with the invitation and all that that meant to her.  A truly remarkable day, enhanced by your caring attitude and Stuart’s superb driving…………………..

Mrs C C, West Malvern, July 2005

How lucky I was to enjoy the varied scenery and see dear friends, thanks to your splendid driving, and caring ways.  I really enjoyed being able to relax and thank you very much for all you did to make our break so enjoyable and beneficial……………

Miss S L, Dilwyn, Herefords., May 2005

It was a lovely day out and very good “value for money”!  After the gloomy, cold days of March and ………………..  it was so good to be out and see places and be looked after so well ………………

Miss C R D, Malvern, April 2005

Thank you so much for all you did to give us such a lovely holiday, the usual traveling in great comfort, the very pleasant hotel so near to the centre and all your care of your ‘ladies’.  I, especially, appreciated your concern…………….  It was all memorable and Bruges at its best – and I found the visit to Ypres very moving and so worthwhile – Thank You.

Miss C R D, Malvern, November 2004

This comes to thank you for your excellent and safe driving to and from Horley.  In spite of such heavy traffic I felt relaxed and safe for each journey (with some drivers this is not always the case!)

Mrs I H, Malvern Link, September 2003

Thank you so much for all the kindness you showed me during our tour.  I am very grateful for every aspect of your thoughtfulness………..  It was good of you to show patience and to proceed in a lower gear!  We certainly saw much of interest, and it was good to have your company……………………

Miss S L, Dilwyn, Herefords., July 2003

Thank you over and over again for all the kindness you showed me during our happy break in Devon.  I was very touched by your kind consideration at all times………………………… I think we were so lucky with our excellent B & B.  Thank you for making all the fine arrangements………………
Thank you for every aspect of your caring help.

Miss S L, Dilwyn, Herefords., May 2003

I do want to thank you so much for everything and for turning that mini-break for me to see my old friends, into a really delightful holiday.  You were so kind and helpful in every way and it was all even better and easier than I had imagined.  As you know, I don’t like long-distance driving, and so I didn’t feel like the hassle of rail travel.  Your comfortable car and superb driving made the motorway journey so quick and easy!  You were so patient in taking me to see my old friends, but you also gave us that lovely sight-seeing tour ……………………… - and as a bonus you knew of those “home-bake” tea shops with tempting cakes………………………..

Miss C R D, Malvern, July 1998

Just a few lines to say how much I appreciated all the kind services you rendered during our recent trip to Sussex and Kent.  You certainly lived up to the name of your business giving us “QualityTIME Travel” with a difference.  It was really so relaxing and enjoyable having you take all the strain of the motoring and also arranging all so beautifully… Thank you so much for every aspect of your kindness.

Miss S L, Dilwyn, Herefords., July 1998


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